5 Top Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Home

Carrying out some home improvements to your home not only increase the functionality and usability of your home, if the right improvements are carried out then you can also add value to your home. For this reason it is important that you are aware of which improvements add the most value to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. I have listed the 5 top value adding improvements below which should make it easier for you to decide how best to spend your money, and get the best return for it.

  • Build an extension to your home: This obviously has to add the most value to your property as you are increasing its size and adding to its functionality. Whether you are adding extra bed rooms or increasing the size of your kitchen, it does not really matter, just the fact that you are increasing the size of the property and adding more useable rooms to it will make a difference. If your home does not have a bathroom downstairs and you are adding an extension you should allocate a small section of the floor space added to providing a bathroom.
  • Loft conversion: A loft conversion is a great way to add extra functionality to your home, and can be a cheaper option than having an extension built. If you choose to go down this route you should make sure that you get all the relevant planning permission required, otherwise your hard earned cash could be wasted when your local building control team find out about the work you have done and prevent you from using the added room/s. Also when you come to sell the property any prospective buyer will need to be happy that the work has been carried out according to the latest building regulations. It is also worth considering adding a fixed staircase to your loft rather than a make do pull down ladder. You should also make sure that you have enough natural light coming into the new rooms by adding enough roof windows. This also gives you the added advantage of offering an improved view.
  • Improve your kitchen: Replacing a tired looking kitchen with a shiny new one with all the latest gadgets and space saving advantages, can help significantly improve the functionality of your kitchen and also help to improve the sale ability of your home. The kitchen has probably the biggest impact on making the right impression when anybody comes to view your home. Let’s face it if you are considering changing your home which usually means increasing your mortgage to buy a bigger or better property you do not want to have to spend even more money on having a new kitchen fitted.
  • Have a new bathroom fitted: This is not quite as important as having a kitchen refit but it does go quite a way to helping push prospective buyers into choosing your property as opposed to any others they have viewed, again because of the convenience factor of having no major money to spend in ripping out and renewing an old or out of date bathroom.
  • Landscape your garden: Everybody wants a nice garden that can be enjoyed throughout the year, but few people want the work and expense of putting it in order themselves.

Another critical factor that you should consider if you are about to undertake any home improvements, is to make sure that you arrange any finance you need in advance. If you have a bundle of cash in your pocket you might be surprised at how much money you can save by haggling with the contractors.

Make Your Kitchen Your Home’s Focal Point

No other room in our homes is as busy as our kitchens. Kitchens are often the focal point of many households across the country. No longer simply a room where we eat, it has become where the family gathers at the end of the day to talk and unwind. Kitchens are a place where friends and families can hang out over a soapstone stove and discuss their lives.

If your family spends a great deal of time hanging out in the kitchen, you’ll probably want one with not only functionality but also a unique visual appeal which fits your family. Whether you are going for a cozy ambiance or a strictly functional kitchen, one thing to keep in mind is always space. One of the best places to start is with the counter. For example, a soapstone countertop can serve many purposes. It frees up valuable working space, while also adding stunning aesthetic appeal to the loon and feel of the kitchen. A beautiful soapstone countertop matched with a soapstone island can set a fun filled mood for an evening of great entertaining.

If you are in the market for an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen, think about everything you would want in a kitchen and ask yourself if it is feasible to accomplish. Here are a few tips to make your kitchen more stylish, user-friendly, and most importantly, functional.

Put together a list of problems and eye-sores in your kitchen. These can be an old fashioned stove or maybe not enough counter space. Are your kitchen appliances installed too far from one another or your kitchen isn’t lit properly due to insufficient lighting? Many of these problems can be fixed with some hard work one weekend, while others require professional help. The size and scope of your project is all dependent on what you desire in a kitchen.

Get some ideas by looking through home and garden magazines or see how people are using soapstone this year as you walk through some home shows. These are great for seeing the latest trends in kitchen layouts and designs. There are a great deal of television shows and websites dedicated to home improvement and interior design to help you decide exactly what you want.

A kitchen can be one of the best rooms in your home. No matter what the occasion may be, it is always a place for families to gather for meals, quiet mornings, entertaining, or for holidays. It is the place where major decisions are made and memories are formed, so take your time and plan your changes wisely.